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Final Fantasy VI (6) Advance

Portable And Better

Final Fantasy 6 Advance
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A discussion community for the game "Final Fantasy 6 Advance." This place is for the port version of the game on the GBA. Discuss anything from the gameplay, to the strategy, to the characters, how to obtain the four new espers.. Etc, etc. Well, you get the idea.

Release date for Final Fantasy VI Advance: GO BUY IT NOW!.

01. Feel free to post anything Final Fantasy 6/Advance related stuff.
02. Any images larger than 400 x 400 in width & height, please put them behind an LJ-cut.
03. State your source (credits) if you're posting images/news and whatnot.
04. Keep this place clean, no slash, fanfictions and weird things like that.
05. Community promotion is ok, but don't go overboard and I'd prefer if it's FF6 related.
06. Do not ever discuss about ROMS/illegal materials, such posts will be deleted.
07. Some post are friends-locked, so it pays to be a member.

I'm not a grammar nazi, hopefully never will be, you don't have to be elite in your grammar, my command of the English langauge is not all that great either, my grammars are weak, but I try. Please don't type anything without periods (.) and commas (,). Typos and misspelling are ok, all of us make mistakes, but try to proof-read before submitting anything to this coummunity, I'm Asian, I need to tell you that, and I'm over 21, I'll definitely laugh and ridicule you, if you ever.. TyP3 lIk3 thiZ ZOMG TEH RULEZ! ZOMG, OMG, TEH and variations like that are trite, stupid, unintelligrnt unintelligent and are very annoying. PERIOD, (from where I come from, "teh" actually means "tea" in a local language, not that you care).

01. First rule of thumb, any images (regardless, graphics, pictures, screenshots, scans) larger than 400 x 400, please cut them, if you're not sure, then just put everything behind a cut.

02. Icons, wallpapers, fanart and the likes are always welcome, please do not submit those, "xXx character is love" type of graphics; we don't give two shits about who you love, we care more about quality submissions, "friends only" banner/graphic irritates me also, but you MAY request them, just don't ever post them, UNLESS you're filling up requests. So, basically, you may request the graphics I don't give two shits about: "Friends Only" Banners. & "Whatever Character Is Love" Banners.

03. If you're submitting any form of graphics to this community, please, do not do any form of fake cuts that will link to your impending journal, this is a popular trend and people are obsessed with it, it just irritates me on so many levels beyond and beyond.

Please tag your post, this is a better and efficient way, of searching certain topics/subjects in this community, and yes, don't make up your own tags, see what tags are available over here. You are allowed to add your own, if nothing relevant is available, please keep it in-line with your topic though.

For your icons, wallpapers and whatnot.

01. Adobe Photoshop (adobe.com)
The best one out there, but also the most ridiculously expensive graphic program ever existed. I'm using Photoshop 7.0.

02. JASC Paint Shop Pro (jasc.com)
Similar to PS, cost around $100, a cheaper alternative, if you know your way around this thing, then you're good to go.

03. The GIMP (gimp.org)
Like a replica of PS, but not exactly, the best thing about it? it's FREE. GIMP.com or thegimp.com, forgot, Google.com your best friend.

01. Photobucket
02. Imageshack
03. Tinypic

01. Wikipedia.com
02. Gamespot.com
03. IGN.com

From Wikipedia
Game Boy Advance

Final Fantasy VI was rereleased in Japan on November 30, 2006, and is slated for rerelease in North America on February 5, 2007 on the Game Boy Advance. First released as Final Fantasy III in North America on the Super NES, this version will be released under the title "Final Fantasy VI Advance," and will include additional gameplay features and enhanced visuals. Four new espers have been confirmed to appear in the rerelease for the GBA - Leviathan, Gilgamesh, Gigantuar, and Final Fantasy VIII's Diablos; along with a new dungeon, the Dragon's Den. The North American release will also contain a new translation and new boxart illustrated by series mainstay, Yoshitaka Amano. In addition, like the other handheld Final Fantasy remake titles, there will be a bestiary and music player included. The game is rated E10+ by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

This community exists, as a place for fans of the title "Final Fantasy VI (6) Advance," to come together and discuss any aspect of the game. No profits or whatsoever are gained from this project, and absolutely NO copyright infringement intended.

Creator & Maintainer: nine_am
Credit: Layout code by ofthesea


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